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About Us

The Start of Something Great

Charlie Mercer believed you could build a business by helping others; so in 1939, at the height of The Great Depression, he opened a small real estate investment office at the corner of SW 15th and Agnew in the heart of Oklahoma City just a few blocks from the historic Oklahoma City Stockyard’s.

Over the next decade Charlie bought houses from people that wanted to sell their house fast and he made the process simple; no repairs needed, no inspections, just an honest and straight forward way to sell your house fast for cash.

Charlie bought houses in any condition from people from all walks of life. He bought a lot of houses and made a lot of friends.

Charlie was right, helping others isn’t a great way to build a business, we believe it’s the only way; and that’s why we are proud to trace our roots back to such a humble beginning.

The Early Days

When Charlie passed away his daughter, Jeweldeen, and her husband, Harlen Core, picked up where Charlie left off. Little did they know they were beginning a family tradition that would last for more than four generations.

Harlen and Jewel continued to buy houses for cash and by 1960 decided that they wanted to expand into new home construction as well.

Oklahoma City was expanding and the demand for new homes was growing. Applying the same guiding principals that Charlie founded the company on Harlen and Jewel were able to grow the company and became leaders in the industry, making life long friends along the way.

Harlen would go on to become a charter member of the Southwest Oklahoma Homebuilders Association, the President of the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association  and later would be the President of the Past Presidents; also serving on the National Board for the National Association of Home Builders for more than thirty years.

Jewel made it all possible, managing the business while volunteering for the church and community outreach programs while also being a full time mom to a growing family.

Their family would continue to grow with their business, eventually having a son and grandson in homebuilding, while other family members took over duties related to land development, commercial real estate, leasing and a multitude of other duties.

Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis

Having been in the real estate industry for so long, we have seen our share of downturns in the market. That’s why in late 2006 we saw the potential for a sub-prime mortgage crisis and decided that we should get back to our roots, focusing on investing in residential housing in Oklahoma City, buying houses from our neighbors that wanted to sell their house fast for cash.

We also made an important decision that differentiates us from our competitors, we don’t take advantage of peoples misfortune.

During the 2008 mortgage crisis, and the flood of foreclosures that followed, we refused to purchase houses in foreclosure.

Instead we did what Charlie would have done, we helped people. We donated our time to help people about to lose their house and in many cases we were able to help people keep their homes.


Over the course of the last ten years we have grown into one of the most successful real estate investment companies in Oklahoma and we’ve done it by helping people. We’ve bought a lot of houses and we’ve made a lot of friends, simply because we make selling your house fast for cash as easy and straight forward as we can.

We’re the investors other investors call when they want to learn how to better build their business, and we think that says a lot.

We don’t just want to buy your house, we want you to become a part of our family, which is why we do a few things our competitors don’t:


We’re still family owned and operated, we’re still located in Oklahoma City and we still believe that helping people is how you build a business.

Our mission statement is simple: “To grow our family and our business by making it easy to sell your house fast for cash”

We hope that as we continue to grow you will become a part of our story, as well as a part of our extended family.