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Our Simple Selling Process


Our simple selling process was designed to make selling your house fast an easy and enjoyable experience. Let’s face it, most people don’t go through the process of selling a house very often. It’s important that all of the steps in the process are done correctly, and some of those steps can be complex and some even need to be handled by attorneys or other specialist. Just thinking about it can cause anxiety and sometimes it  all gets a little confusing.

But selling your house fast doesn’t have to be that way. Over the years we have refined the process of selling your house and made it easier. Our simple selling process was designed to be so easy to use that even someone who has never sold a house before will find it user friendly, and don’t worry, our Closing Options Analyst™ will be there to help you every step of the way.

We’ve taken the entire process and broken it down into four easy steps that allow you to sell your house fast:

The best part is that the entire process usually only takes 7-10 business days!

Let’s take a closer look at our simple selling process so you can see exactly how easy it can be:

Step 1: Tell Us About Your House

It all starts when you give us a little information about your house. This is usually basic information such as the address, your contact information and a little information regarding the condition and other specifics related to the house. We’ve made it super easy, simply fill out our Sell My House Fast Contact Form and that’s it!

Step 2: Set An Appointment

One of our Closing Options Analyst’s™ will give you a call to find out a little more about your situation and set an appointment to come see the house in person. This not only helps us evaluate the house, it also gives us an opportunity to get to know you.

When we come out we’ve already done research on your specific house so you don’t have to answer a lot of questions you may not know the answers to, like the exact square footage or the year the house was built.

We’ll make you an offer and we’ll explain our 1 page easy to understand Purchase Agreement and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: We’ll Handle The Paperwork

Once the Purchase Agreement is signed our Closing Options Analyst™ will take it straight to the title company. It typically takes 7-10 business days for out title company to complete the title work and prepare everything needed for closing. We will work closely with them to be sure that everything moves quickly and is done properly.

Typically you don’t have to do a thing. If for some reason our title company informs us that something is needed we try and handle it ourselves. Every once in a while they need something only a client can provide. If that’s the case our Closing Options Analyst™ will explain what we need and why; then we will help you get it done. It’s usually something as simple as a signature and we’ll be there to be sure it all gets done correctly.

Step 4: Get Cash Fast

Is there anything better than getting paid? It seems to be everyone’s favorite part of our simple selling process. We’ll meet for a formal closing, which usually takes less than 5 minutes. You hand us the keys and sign a few documents and we hand you the money!

That’s really all it takes to sell your house fast with our simple selling process.

How Our Process Is Different

We do most of the work for you, and since we are a cash buyer we don’t have to worry about financing, inspections or appraisals; which usually make it hard to sell your house fast. We even handle the paperwork which can be pretty complicated, but our professional staff has the expertise to be sure that everything’s done right the first time.

We have decades of experience buying houses from clients who want to sell their house fast and we use that experience to make it as easy as possible. We use less paperwork than our competitors, we work harder and move faster and we have some of the fastest closings in the industry, all while providing you with the attention to detail you deserve.

Don’t take our word for it, our past clients have become a part of our family for a reason, so get started today and see how simple it can be to sell your house fast when you sell your house to 181-Close-Now.

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