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Our Simple Selling Process – Step 2: Set an Appointment

The second step in our simple selling process is to set an appointment for one of our Closing Options Analyst™ to come meet with you and take a look at your house.

After we’ve received your information we will give you a call to verify all of the information and talk to you a little more about the house you are looking to sell. We will also set an appointment to come out and meet with you face to face so we can take a closer look at the house and get to know you a little better.

Once we’re there we’ll sit down and talk about your specific situation and tell you a little more about us, what we do and how we can help.

Well also take a look at the house, inside and out. We don’t require costly inspections or appraisals so being able to take a good look at the house is pretty important. Don’t worry about cleaning or fixing anything, we buy as is and we’ve seen it all.

We always try to make an offer on the very first appointment. We’ll sit down and explain our simple 1 page Purchase Agreement and if we agree on a price one signature is all you have to provide.

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