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We Buy Houses In Bethany

We buy houses in Bethany! A small city with a big attitude. We have been buying houses in Bethany since we got our start all those years ago.

How did Bethany become a city?

People that aren’t familiar with the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area often times haven’t even heard of this small city. That’s because it’s a relatively small area. That tends to be the case when you are a small city inside of a big city!

According to the United States Census Bureau the city has a total area of 5.2 square miles. That’s not a lot of space; but with an estimated 8,874+ housing units in the area we can see that there is a lot of potential to buy houses in Bethany.

The city was founded on July 28, 1909 by members of the Church of the Nazarene and the groups influence can still be seen today.

We’ve also seen spectacular growth in the area. Even though the city was founded by a relatively small group of people over 100 years ago; over the years the city has blossomed and now boasts a population of over 20,000 people. Considering how small of an area the city covers; we think that’s pretty impressive.

What institutions stand out in Bethany?

Shortly after the city was founded Oklahoma Holiness College was established. Not even most locals would be familiar with this institution. That’s because the name was later changed and what started out as Oklahoma Holiness College is what we know today as Southern Nazarene University. SNU has a long, and proud, history and has made a major impact on the community.

The city is also home to Southwestern Christian University and of course the Bethany Public School System. It really is a city built around education and learning. Education is a big part of the culture of this small city and it’s something that the locals are proud of.

Is Bethany a good place to buy houses?

With two colleges in an area that covers just over 5 miles you would think that this would be a college town. Despite this, it doesn’t have a reputation as a major party spot for students.

Maybe it’s because the students that choose to attend these two colleges are often inspired to do so because of their deeply held religious beliefs. Maybe it’s because of the close proximity to the major entertainment venues in Oklahoma City. It could be because it’s a short drive from Bricktown; with easy access to major highways.

Whatever the reason may be, we buy houses in Bethany because we think it’s a great city full of great people. We buy houses in Bethany because we know that no matter what your living situation, whether you’re a single young adult or a growing family, it’s a place people are proud to call home.

Is 181-Close-Now interested in buying houses in Bethany?

Here at 181-Close-Now we are always interested in buying houses in Bethany. If you have a house in Bethany that you are considering selling then we would be happy to speak with you. Whatever your needs are, our experienced staff would like to help you find the closing options that best meet your needs.

We’ve been buying houses in Bethany for a long time. Give us a call at 181-Close-Now or fill out our Sell My House Fast Contact Form and one of our Closing Options Analysts will work with you to help meet your needs.


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