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We Buy Houses In Edmond

University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond

We Buy Houses In Edmond

We buy houses in Edmond! It’s a historical city with a lot to offer; and we think that it’s a great place to buy houses!

Why is Edmond so important?

When we buy houses in Edmond we are buying a piece of history. It’s been an important city for a very long time. If you go all the way back to before Oklahoma was a state, back to when it was still the Oklahoma Territory, back then this was literally the wild west. Pioneers, the land run. It’s the things that old westerns are made of.

Around here it was the real thing; and back in 1887 the Santa Fe Railroad Company felt that this area was going to be important for their lines traveling through the Oklahoma Territory.

They felt the area was special enough that they built a water and coaling station here. The structure itself is gone, but the rail lines still exist.

Those same lines are still in use today. The Santa Fe was merged with another company in 1996 to form Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Rail; but every now and then you can still see the old Santa Fe rail cars rolling through town.

Do you buy houses in Edmond because of it’s colleges?

We buy houses in Edmond because we think it’s a great place full of great people; but the colleges in the area are also important.

The city is home to Herbert W. Armstrong CollegeOklahoma Christian University and, of course, the University of Central Oklahoma.

According to their website, UCO’s main campus is a sprawling 210 acre site. It’s something that the locals are proud of. The university has a long list of achievements and alumni; but it’s also historically important for the area.

UCO was founded in 1890 and was one of the original 3 institutions of higher learning established in the Oklahoma Territory. (The other two were located in Norman and in Stillwater).

As the city grew the university grew, and vice versa. Today it is one of the most highly respected institutions of higher learning in the state. It has a great track record of success; both in the classroom and on the field.

What can I expect if I buy a house in Edmond?

The city is unique, even around here. All around you see reminders of years gone by. Much of the architecture and city layout will remind you of a small town from a distant era.

From the design of the retail spaces to the old fashioned parking right off the main roads. It can be almost like looking through a time portal and seeing a good ol’ country town but with modern class and economics.

It’s a place people are proud to live in. A place where they can feel a connection to the history of the area and a place they can call home.

Does 181-Close-Now buy houses in Edmond?

Yes! 181-Close-Now buys houses in Edmond. We are always looking to buy houses in the area; and we are always happy to be able to buy a piece of the rich history the city represents.

If you have a house in the Edmond area you would like to sell give us a call at 181-Close-Now or fill out our Sell My House Fast Contact Form and one of our Closing Options Analysts will share our years of experience with you.


Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Rail

Herbert W. Armstrong College

Oklahoma Christian University

University of Central Oklahoma

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