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We Buy Houses In Midwest City

We buy houses in Midwest City! We’ve been buying houses in Midwest City about as long as anyone around these parts. When your family started buying houses in the area over 60 years ago, that kind of thing tends to happen. Buying houses in Midwest City can be a bit of a challenge at times, but we like a challenge!

Why can buying houses in Midwest City be difficult?

In our post We Buy Houses In Del City we outlined some of the problems that Del City has had in recent years. Midwest City shares some of those same issues. Historically it has been an area where out of state investors liked to buy houses to keep as long term rentals.

It’s close to Tinker Air Force Base and the city was actually named after the original name for the base. What we know today as Tinker Air Force Base was planned as Midwest Air Depot. The name was later changed to honor the late Major General Clarence L. Tinker.

Due to its close proximity to the base it shares a lot of rental characteristics with Del City. Service men and women in the military often times choose to rent rather than buy; mostly due to the length of their stay in the area. This provides landlords in the area with a steady stream of potential tenants.

Unfortunately, Midwest City was seeing some of the same problems that Del City was experiencing. Landlords weren’t always based locally. Often times landlords would simply lower their rental rates instead of fixing things that were wrong with their houses. This brought down rental rates in the area, helped to depress the local real estate market and lowered the average quality of the housing in the area.

Seeing what Del City had done to address these issues, Midwest City decided to try a similar course of action. Luckily for them, a group of real estate professionals was able to lobby the city council and the new housing codes that were put in place were slightly less restrictive than those in neighboring Del City.

Due to the new housing codes, depressed housing values and other factors; it has become increasingly difficult to buy houses in Midwest City as an investment.

What makes Midwest City special?

Midwest City was designed to serve our military personnel stationed nearby. Crest Foods was founded here in 1947, although back then it was known as Nick’s Brett Drive Grocery. Along the way other aspects of civilian and military life popped up. Retail and strip shopping, restaurants, entertainment venues and all of the other comforts of home.

Rose State College started serving the area in 1970. The city continued to grow and as it grew its need for affordable housing became apparent. Apartment complexes sprang up, the school system grew and the area even got its own mall, The Heritage Park Mall in 1978.

This all made Midwest City a great place to live, and a great place to buy houses. It had everything that was absolutely essential; and with a short drive you could be close to major attractions and entertainment venues in Oklahoma City.

What happened to the housing market in Midwest City?

Over time what had started as a great benefit to the city started to turn into a problem. As more novice real estate investors and out of state landlords allowed deferred maintenance to pile up rental rates and housing values started to fall. The city also started to experience some economic problems as well.

Heritage Park Mall had once been a thriving environment. A great place to go shopping or just hang out with some friends. Over time the mall lost its ability to retain retailers. Fewer people had the disposable income needed to keep a mall going. Eventually it became a skeleton of its former glory.

General Motors had a plant here that employed thousands of workers. Eventually the plant was shut down as part of cost-saving measures the company implemented. While this certainly wasn’t the only reason that the city had problems, it did effect a lot of people.

When the city stepped in a few years ago and placed more restrictive ordinances on housing in the area it made it more difficult to buy houses in Midwest City. Combined with the  relatively low rental rates, lower housing values and other issues facing the area; it can often times make for a challenging environment to try and buy a house.

Does 181-Close-Now buy houses in Midwest City?

Even though the area faces challenges, we buy houses in Midwest City. We’ve been buying houses for a very long time. That means that we have a lot of experience; and we can use that experience to overcome the challenges that we face in the area.

We buy houses in Midwest City because we know that it’s still a great place to live and to work. There are a lot of places that face challenging housing markets; but with the right strategy we believe that buying houses in Midwest City will be a good thing for us, and in turn it can be a good thing for the community.

We are interested in buying your house in Midwest City, and one of our Closing Options Analyst would be delighted to show you what we can do to meet your needs. Give us a call at 181-Close-Now or fill out our Sell My House Fast Contact Form to see how you can benefit from our years of experience. As always, we will never charge you for our services.


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