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We Buy Houses In Moore

We buy houses in Moore! We love it here and we are always happy when get the opportunity to buy houses in Moore. We’ve bought a lot of houses here over the years and we are always looking to buy more!

Why do we buy houses in Moore?

Some people simply don’t understand why we buy houses in tornado alley. The answer is simply really; it’s home. Several of us here at 181-Close-Now have lived in here our entire lives. The weather here is just one aspect of life in this great city. Even though we have to be aware of the weather, we don’t let it define us.

Does Moore have a good school system?

The Moore Public School System is one of the greatest school systems in the state of Oklahoma. We may be a little biased about that since several of us are alumni of Moore High School and Westmoore High School. Moore High School recently won the bronze award for best high school from U.S. News & World Report. In the past few years we’ve seen several additional schools being built in the district.

A few short years ago we got to celebrate the opening of Southmoore High School; and construction has recently finished on a new junior high school as well. Part of the need for this expansion is the increase in the population of the area. The fact that people want their kids in Moore schools probably has a lot to do with it though.

We buy houses in Moore because we know we can look at turning them into great long term rental properties, or we can consider selling them after we bring them back to their full potential. Part of the reason we are so excited when we get a chance to buy a house in Moore is because we know people like the school system.

Out of all the houses we’ve bought in Moore we can only recall a single instance of someone wanting to get their kids out of the school district. It was a rather sensitive situation and not something that we think the average person would run into.

How has Moore changed in recent years?

We’ve also seen a boom in the area over in recent years. Not that long ago a large part of what today is a busy section of retail shopping, great restaurants and entertainment in the area was just flat farmland. It just so happens that back in the early 1980’s a close friend of ours had an option to buy a large section of what is now 19th Street.

That turned out to be a great investment since now it is one of the most desirable areas in the city. With massive apartment complexes going up left and right over the past few years there is a serious need for affordable housing. That’s why we take every opportunity to buy houses in Moore seriously.

What impact do tornadoes have on Moore?

There can be some draw backs to living in tornado alley of course. They say that tornadoes are unpredictable, but that’s not 100% true. If it’s May, especially early May, and it has been rather warm most of the day but gets dark and cold very quickly in the late afternoon then watch out!

If it looks like a tornado is forming around the Tuttle area, and is coming from the South West across the Canadian River, then residents here will already be heading for cover. It seems that tornadoes matching this description are the ones that always turn into monsters. They always tend to take a very similar path, right through the heart of Moore.

The destruction can be indescribable; but the response of the residents is even more amazing. The people that live here know how to come together in a time of crisis. They pick up their neighbors and we rebuild.

Why we buy tornado damaged houses in Moore

We always try to do our part. We’ve helped with storm clean up and supplied emergency provisions; but we find that we have one talent that allows us to help those that need help the most.

While we love buying houses in Moore, there’s nothing that can compare to buying a house in Moore that has been destroyed by a tornado. It’s not because we make money off of it, but because usually the houses are so destroyed that they have to be leveled. The satisfaction comes from the fact that we can reach out to someone who has just lost everything.

We can help those people make the best out of a bad situation and we can get them back on their feet. A few years ago after a series of tornadoes we met a woman whose house had been completely destroyed. All that was left was the foundation and a few walls that were about to fall over.

We knew we wouldn’t make anything from buying the house but we bought her house anyway. We were able to set up a transaction that allowed her to get cash in her pocket that she could use for clothing, shelter and food. The responsibility of cleaning the property was taken off her shoulders. In the end she even came out ahead. We didn’t take a single penny from the transaction. We just did what we do best. We bought her house in Moore and we helped her to make a bad situation a little better.

Would you consider buying my house in Moore?

We buy houses in Moore because we think it’s a great place to invest and a great place to live. We are always looking to buy houses in Moore. If you have a vacant house in Moore, or know someone who does, let us know because we would love to have the chance to buy it.

Considering selling a house in Moore? We buy houses in Moore in any condition. As always, we pay cash and we always buy as-is. If you want to see how we can meet your needs simply fill out our Sell My House Fast Contact Form and one of our Closing Options Analysts would be happy to show you how we can assist you and meet your needs.



Moore Public School System

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