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We Buy Houses In The Village

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We Buy Houses In The Village

We buy houses in The Village! There aren’t many full service real estate investors that buy houses in The Village. We love buying houses in the area; and we are proud to have been buying houses here for as long as we have.

What is The Village?

The Village is actually a small city located within Oklahoma City and is part of the Oklahoma City Metro Area. In fact, it’s almost entirely surrounded by Oklahoma City. It’s sort of a  city within a city.

What’s the areas claim to fame?

According to the United States Census Bureau the city only comprises an area of roughly 2.5 square miles. They say great things come in small packages, and that couldn’t be more true around this city!

The city is home to Casady School; a prestigious prep school in the area which has a great academic track record. It’s a source of local pride. Until recently it was one of the few school in the area that taught fencing.

It’s also the headquarters for one of everyone’s favorite corporations, Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores. When I mention this to people they often ask me why I think that Loves is one of peoples most beloved companies. Have you ever been on a cross country road trip? After hours trapped in a car with your family seeing a Loves truck stop can seem like heaven itself!

What are the people like and what do they think of the area?

I happened to know one of the fencing instructors at Casady a few years ago. We would discuss academics and try to fence. The first part was easy, the man had received a perfect score on his ACT. Fencing was another issue; mainly because he taught it and I had never handled a bladed weapon before.

I asked him what he thought of the area since he lived there. His words always stuck with me. He said the reason he liked living there was because the people generally tried to strive for something more. He felt it was a place where people tried to improve all aspects of their lives.

Students worked harder than those at other schools. Their athletes always wanted nothing but the best of the best to take on. Even the adults he knew there were in on the action. His friends, and even family, all seemed to be people who were trying to be the best in their field. Always striving to stand out and achieve more.

Likely the most impressive aspect of this character trait is the fact that it extends beyond the classroom and beyond the work place. The people in this city put just as much time and care into making the world a better place as they dedicate to their own lives.

It’s a place where over achieving is the norm. A place where caring for others is just as much a way of life as breathing, and where people have pride of ownership. We love buying houses here because we love the people and what they stand for.

Will 181-Close-Now buy houses in The Village

We buy houses in The Village because we think it’s a great place with great people. If you are considering selling a house in or around The Village then give us a call at 181-Close-Now or simply fill out our Sell My House Fast Contact Form. One of our Closing Options Analyst will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to show you how our years of experience buying houses in The Village can help to meet your needs.


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