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We Buy Houses In Warr Acres

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We Buy Houses In Warr Acres

We buy houses in Warr Acres! We’ve been buying houses in the area for as far back as we can remember and we think it’s an all around great place!

What’s unique about Warr Acres?

While there are a number of small cities in the Oklahoma City Metro Area; we feel a special connection to this city in particular. The reason is because of how the city came to be.

According to the City of Warr Acres“Warr Acres housing addition was created nearby in 1937 by Clyde B. Warr”. The special thing is that Mr. Warr was a real estate developer. While we buy houses in Warr Acres, he literally built them.

Back then this area was outside the city limits for Oklahoma City. You have to remember that in 1937 Oklahoma had only been a state for 30 years. It was a different time. Back then Guthrie was the capital of Oklahoma; not Oklahoma City.

When did the city incorporate?

In the 1940’s Oklahoma City attempted to annex the area. That didn’t go over so well. In 1948 eleven neighborhoods came together in an attempt to incorporate and stop the attempts to be annexed into Oklahoma City.

It wasn’t exactly a straight forward process and it wasn’t easy. Eventually the Oklahoma Supreme Court decided that everything had been done properly and that the citizens now had their own city; but not for lack of  other’s trying to stop it.

Why is there confusion with Putnam City?

Putnam City isn’t actually a city at all. Putnam City Schools is actually a school district that serves most of the Warr Acres area.

The reason that there is often times some confusion is that there was another real estate developer whose last name was Putnam. He built a housing addition that Oklahoma City tried to annex also, and they also tried to incorporate into their own city as well.

In the end the efforts of these citizens failed. They then decided to join the other 10 housing additions that later became Warr Acres.

Part of the reason for some of the confusion is the similarity in the two stories. Another big part of it is the fact that the two stories are actually part of the same story.

Likely one of the biggest factors that helps add to the confusion is the fact that the Putnam City School District serves most of the Warr Acres area. Even though there are some parts of the city that are served by Oklahoma City Schools, the vast majority are PC schools.

The fact that the school district doesn’t share the same name as the city is something a lot of people, even locals, don’t fully understand. Once you understand how the city came to be it makes a little more sense.

Does 181-Close-Now buy houses in Warr Acres?

We buy houses in Warr Acres because it has a great school system, it’s a great place to live and because we feel a special connection with the history of this great city. It may be a small city but it still feels like home.

If you are considering selling a house in the Warr Acres area, or if you have a house in the Putnam City School District, please give us a call at 181-Close-Now or simply fill out our Sell My House Fast Contact Form.

One of our Closing Options Analyst will work with you to evaluate your needs and find a closing option that’s right for you.


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