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We Buy Houses In Yukon

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We Buy Houses In Yukon

We buy houses in Yukon! We love buying houses in the Yukon area because it’s becoming a popular destination for home owners. We’ve noticed in the past few years that people are starting to move out west towards the Yukon area and we are really starting to see some nice development in this part of the city.

What is Yukon like?

According to the Yukon Chamber of Commerce “Yukon is a vibrant growing community of over 25,000 located west of Oklahoma City with excellent schools, low business costs and an outstanding quality of life”.

That sentiment seems to be echoed by the home owners that we speak with. When we talk with people that are thinking about moving to the area one of the most common reasons that we keep hearing about is the school system, but the main reason seems to be the country feel.

The city is special because it feels like a small city, with a touch of country, in a big city. Since it’s located just outside of Oklahoma City many people feel that they are a little closer to nature. We’ve also noticed a trend of home builders trying to make their lots slightly larger than normal which allows people to have the benefits of city life while maintaining a country feel.

Why did you start buying houses in Yukon?

For years it seemed that Oklahoma City just kept growing south. A few years ago we were talking and someone asked the question “what happens when we can’t move any further south?”. At the time we were already buying houses in Yukon but ever since then we have started looking at it as a major benefit to our portfolio.

What is the real estate market like in Yukon?

The interesting thing is that there seems to be a lot of new construction in the area. When we talk to people that are moving to the area they always seem to be looking at new construction. There are new developments with beautiful entrances and a lot of new house from both new home builders and more established names.

We feel this leaves a disconnect. Yukon has a large supply of older houses. These houses were built before it became popular to move to the area. What we find is that these older houses have a hard time competing with the new houses that have just been built.

They tend to sit on the market longer and they can be harder to sell. Especially if the house needs updating or have some kind of structural issues. There are also some houses in Yukon that are vacant for one reason or another. We buy vacant houses in Yukon as well.

By buying vacant houses in Yukon, or by buying older houses that need updating, we are able to help keep the market strong. We’ve bought several houses in Yukon that we were able to bring back to life. When we can do this we like to see first time home buyers have a chance to buy a quality house at a great price.

We buy houses in Yukon because we feel that we can add value to the area. When we buy houses in the area we find that often times the houses we buy are older and we are able to modernize them to compete with the areas new construction. We buy houses all over the city because we feel that the area is going to continue to expand in the coming years and there is going to be a need for affordable housing.

Are you looking to buy more houses in Yukon?

When we have the opportunity to buy houses in Yukon we are definitely interested. We love the area, we love the school district and we love the recent development that we have seen in the area.

If you are considering selling a vacant house in the Yukon area then we would be happy to see what we can do to help you out. You can give us a call at 181-Close-Now or simply fill out our Sell My House Fast Contact Form and one of our Closing Options Analysts will gladly assist you.

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Yukon Chamber of Commerce

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